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Shiatsu Treatment
Shiatsu Treatment


Is the combination of very old and some more recent skills, which were developed about a hundred years ago in Japan. Shiatsu combines thousand year old Japanese techniques, with traditional and modern Chinese Medicine together with western massage techniques.


During the treatment the client is dressed in a comfortable cotton track suit or similar, lying on a soft floor mat in a pleasant surrounding. The technique involves the use of the Shiatsu therapist’s fingers, palms of the hands, elbows and knees, applying pressure to specific parts, including acupuncture points, of the body. In addition rotating and stretching of the body leads to the elimination of blockages and increased energy levels.



Shiatsu promotes the harmonizing of physical, mental and psychological well-being in the whole body.



Activation of the body’s innate self healing process is stimulated by enhancing the natural energy channels vie the meridians of the human body.


please contact Maria via Email, treatments only mid december till end of january:



Dates Shiatsu Treatment per hour
15.12. - 31.01. EUR 23,--
relax your back
relax your back

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All Rooms and Apartments are decorated in warm friendly colours and furnished with wooden Furniture...

They offer very cozy rooms at the beach side and rooms at the back in between palm trees, and also two Apartments...

The huts are located directly on the beach so you can enjoy the Arabic sea all throughout the day...

Nice and cozy Family-run guesthouse with a lot of different Rooms and some Apartments...

The Surf Club is situated in the coconut grove, 50 metres away from a Glorius 7 mile beach...

The Bee's Knees in Arambol is a very cozy mexican restaurant with excellent mexican and multinational cuisine kitchen...

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