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Loeki Cafe
Loeki Cafe



This very relaxed place is a big name on the town's hippy circuit and dishes up all the usual Goan favourites. It is said that restaurants and Cafes mature and become more alluring with age, just like old wine. The Loekie cafe has completed many years of great service and has soared in ratings as a leading food and relaxation joints of Goa. The highlights of the Café have to be the recent upgradation of infrastructure, world class service staff and some great preparations from the galley.

The Café very proudly displays and implements it logo of "Experience the bliss". The Café is located at the very heart of the city, just near Arambol beach and enjoys the patronage of many old timers and a lot of tourist crowd.



Frequent jam nights


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Prices are given in Indian Rupees (INR)
Loeki Cafe | Jam Session
Loeki Cafe | Jam Session

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All Rooms and Apartments are decorated in warm friendly colours and furnished with wooden Furniture...

They offer very cozy rooms at the beach side and rooms at the back in between palm trees, and also two Apartments...

The huts are located directly on the beach so you can enjoy the Arabic sea all throughout the day...

Nice and cozy Family-run guesthouse with a lot of different Rooms and some Apartments...

The Surf Club is situated in the coconut grove, 50 metres away from a Glorius 7 mile beach...

The Bee's Knees in Arambol is a very cozy mexican restaurant with excellent mexican and multinational cuisine kitchen...

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