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The Clinic
The Clinic



provides you with the most accurate and thorough diagnosis together with the professional treatment by a caring staff and with the proper ayurvedic oils. The treatments they offer are based on a sound examination of each patient, and each patient is treated for his individual needs. Their services will make you feel fresh, energetic, healthy and fit. A visit at the clinic will give you the most sophisticated and rewarding experience of ayurvedic treatment in Goa.

The clinic also offers a well equipped pharmacy and thus provides a good choice of proven ayurvedic medicine. You may also be pleased by diet consultation that informs you about your body and health constitution and the corresponding Dos and Don'ts concerning your food.


AyurClinic Goa also offers Intensive Ayurveda Courses, Panchakarma Treatments and different Yoga Programms!



The Clinic is open all week. Please call before to get an appointment.

+91-9637 4733 66 | +91-9822 3120 21

Ayurvedic Treatment
Ayurvedic Treatment

Dr. Rohit R. Borcar (B.A.M.S.) has been practicing Ayurveda for more than 10 years now, and he has earned a reputation for himself as trusted expert in the field of avurveda, both by his competitors as well as his patients. He has mastered the art of successfully healing various ailments with Ayurveda, and he is also a physician that will use the safe and proven treatments of "western medicine" as well. Every year he makes several trips to Europe to meet his patients also there.

Dr. med. Thomas Ischler, a physician from Germany worked as a surgeon before setting up his own business. Dr. Thomas helps the European and western patients visiting Dr. Rohit's clinic by playing the role of a bridge and helping the western tourist, who have come to rely on western medicine for so many years, to better understand the natural, safe and proven benefits of Ayurveda, which is one of the oldest and most trusted healing practice in the world.

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