Travel with pets to/from India


travel with your pet
travel with your pet

It is not uncommon that tourists fall in love with one or more of the stray dogs whilst visiting Goa and decide to take it back to their home country. Or you want to bring your lovely pet to Goa, to enjoy holiday together. In the following list below you will find the necessary documents.



  • international veterinary certificate for domestic pets entering the country for non-commercial movements
  • veterinary health certificate from the country of origin that the pet is healthy and in a fit condition to travel
  • animal health certificate from the origin airport animal quarantine & certification service
  • rabies titer etc. analysis report from an authorised laboratory


  • with photo of your pet
  • weight and size of the pet (length and height)
  • microchipping (number, dorsum neck)
  • vaccination for rabies (must be given 3 month before travelling)
  • rabies serological test with titer greater than 0,5 IU/ml
  • tick treatment
  • echinococcus treatment
  • vanguard 7 (against canine distemper, leptospirosis etc.)



  • min. two full-sized photos of your pet for the airport
  • the correct size/dimension of the transport container/cage (depends on the airline)
travel with your pet
travel with your pet

Please note that thus is a guideline only and that it is for sure not an easy job for your pet to travel!

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